Markets That Publish Parenting Writing

A list of publications to send your parenting pitches and pieces

Julie Vick
4 min readNov 30, 2021


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There are a wide variety of markets that accept submissions for parenting writing in different formats. Some common formats include:

  • Personal essay
  • Reported articles
  • Listicles
  • How-to articles
  • Humor

To figure out if the pub is a good fit for what you want to pitch or submit, it’s best to spend some time reading the publication to get a sense of what they run. Also, do a quick search of the publication before you pitch to make sure the idea isn’t something they’ve already done.

Submission Etiquette

How you should submit depends on the type of piece you are writing. Personal essays and humor are often sold on spec, meaning you need to write the full piece and submit it, although there are some exceptions when you can pitch instead. Reported and how-to articles are usually sold on a pitch and listicles can vary depending on the publication.

Some publications post submission guidelines which you can read and follow, and others don’t. If guidelines aren’t listed, you can often find editor info by doing a general internet search or searching Twitter. The Opportunities of the Week newsletter can also be a good way to keep on top of current calls for pitches from editors on Twitter, and calls for parenting content are sometimes included.

If you are looking for more details specific to writing parenting humor, you can check out the guide I put together for that here. If you are new to writing pitches, there are also some good basic articles on how to format a pitch online that you can search for.


I’ve put a dollar sign ($) by the publications that I know of that pay and a dollar sign and an asterisk ($*) by ones that may not pay for all pieces. Some places only pay for original pieces but not reprints and others are small operations that don’t have the funds to pay but often let you retain rights to use your work elsewhere (like a book project). You can check Who Pays Writers to get a sense of rates for some pubs if they aren’t listed in…



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