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Editors Note: We asked for your Daily Tips — the strategies, life hacks, and bits of wisdom that have made your life better. We love reading your responses and will be featuring some of our favorites here on Forge. …

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“It’s the End of the Play Date as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)”

“Wake Me Up When This PTA Mixer Ends”

“(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Quiet)”

“Don’t You (Forget About That Awkward Thing You Said at Your Birth Class)”

“Dads Don’t Cry”

“The Parent Sleeps…

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There are a wide variety of places to submit humor writing and having a go-to list of publications can help you keep the ball rolling with getting your writing out there. As with any other writing submissions, you should spend some time reading these publications and their submission guidelines to…

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1. When March arrives, don’t mention St. Patrick’s Day, leprechauns, or Lucky Charms.

With any luck, your child will not remember the holiday and you will not actually have to help build a leprechaun trap.

2. Fail to turn off the TV before a Lucky Charms commercial comes on.

Watch your kid’s eyes light up. Sigh, and make a mental note to cancel your cable subscription and from now on only let your child play with kids…

Podcasts, books, and other resources to help you navigate traditional book publishing

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In an attempt to prep for the launch of my upcoming book, I’ve been doing research about book launches and marketing. …

By: Julie Vick and Sue D. Gelber

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  1. Exercise more! Running on a machine that goes nowhere will remind you that you are just a cog in a wheel. …

My 2020 submitting and writing stats

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[I am imagining the title being sung to the tunes of The Octonaut’s “Creature Report!” but if you have somehow not been watching this television show for children, I guess that won’t make sense.]

It’s that time of year again when I look back…

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  1. Check email. Receive 500 ideas on how to entertain kids.
  2. Check social media. See 1000 ideas on how to entertain kids.
  3. Check the front door. Find it wallpapered with notes on what to do at home with kids.
  4. Check the web. Read articles saying if you don’t have some sort…

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Are you practicing social distancing by working from home or avoiding work-related meetings, handshakes, and people? If so, you’re probably sending a lot of emails. Sure the standard “Thanks for your time” and “Best regards” sign-offs probably still work, but here are some more entertaining ideas:

  1. “Thanks for your distance,”

Julie Vick

Author of “Babies Don’t Make Small Talk (So Why Should I?): The Introvert’s Guide to Surviving Parenthood.” Learn more at

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